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Individual Investment Planning

In a market place that has seen the average stock trade on the NYSE go from 31 days in 1996 to 8 seconds in 2010, the world of investing has new forces to contend with. A globalized marketplace, a deregulated environment, geopolitical crosscurrents and historically low yields in the bond market all buffet the markets and must be dealt with actively. The days of buy and hold ended over a decade ago. Active management is key and in today’s algorithm intense trading floors nimbleness is a virtue. Understanding the marketplace has never been more important. We know how tempting it can be to try to time the market, but we believe a long-term, diversified investment strategy is a much more solid way to help you reach your goals. This should not be confused with “buy and Hold” After all, we’ve been empowering people – many like you – do just that for decades.

Business Services

Small business consulting Employee benefits to include a variety of retirement plans health insurance dental vision business continuation key person policies. Executive compensation qualified non qualified plans.

Institutional Services

Investment policy writing, reviews and execution, bond purchasing programs, due diligence programs fiduciary requirements and reviews, Active portfolio management,

Retirement Services

IRAs and retirement saving plans. For individuals and businesses.

Stock options services, executive compensation, non qualified plans health savings accounts 529 education savings accounts, UGMA/UTMA accounts, Charitable giving services, Trust services, Small business consulting.


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